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Chicago Soapery

Moisturizing with Shea butter

Moisturizing with Shea butter

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Thinking of making your own handmade soap? Not sure what measurements to use to make the perfect bar? We've got it covered! Simply Melt, Mix and measure! You will be ready to go! 

Take the guess work out of soap making! Preformulated oils make it easy!

** This oil base is the perfect recipe if you are looking for a moisturizing bar of soap. This oil recipe comes to trace a bit faster due to the high amounts of butters in it.  The finished bar will be a hard, moisturizing bar of soap with creamy bubbles! 

Mixture of oils contain: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Palm oil and Shea butter.

Please note: This is preformulated oils only.

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